Friday, 12 February 2016

George Hamer from the USA kindly sent me this copy of an advert for Hamer's Perfect Washer - invented by Harry R Hamer from North Adams, Massachusetts.

George's ancestors emigrated from Newtown in Wales to Massachusetts in 1855 and went to work in the mills at Blackinton near North Adams. George is rightly proud of the fact that one of the Hamers became mayor and another invented this washing machine in 1887. I'm proud too!

Saturday, 17 October 2015

A couple of Yorkshire Hamers

Just discovered a couple of marriages in the York area from the late 18th century, as follows:

JOHN HAMER = ANN WARDON married at St. Crux Church, 31st Oct 1772
(St Crux church no longer exists)

ABRAHAM HAMER = MARY STOTT m Aug 25th 1750 at Holy trinity, Goodramgate.
(This church still exists - see below)

Holy Trinity Goodramgate has the air of a hidden treasure. It stands in a small, secluded, leafy churchyard, with the Minster towering behind, tucked away behind Goodramgate - one of York’s busiest shopping streets. To visit, you pass through an 18th-century archway tacked on to buildings that served as artisans’ workshops in the 14th century. - See more at:

Hamer - WW2 Prisoners of War

I was looking at some prisoner of war records as my uncle, Harold Henry Hamer was a POW. So I sought to list all the Hamers who had also been taken prisoner in the 2nd World War. Here they all are:

I would love to find out more about them, particularly the escapees!

CAMP NO POW No. Camp Location SURNAME and Initials Rank Army No. Regt. or Corps
WW2 Mil. N. 89391 Marlag und Milan Nord (Milig) Hamer H Cook

Merchant Navy - Royal Crown

78 - Sulmona Escaped 9/12/1943 Hamer S Sergeant 23987 67th Medium Regiment

ESCAPED via SWITZ Hamer H Gunner 4077348 32nd Field Regiment Royal Artillery
WW2 Stalag Luft 6 394 Heydekrug Hamer F.A. Flight Sergeant

Royal Air Force
WW2 Stalag 11B 139227 Fallingbostel Hamer A.E. Sergeant Major 5248250 Royal Corps of Signals
WW2 4A 247636 Hohenstein Hamer D.L.S.  Driver T/230344 Royal Army Service Corps
WW2 Stalag 9C  617 Muhlhausen Hamer H Lance Corporal 1902030 Royal Engineers
WW2 Stalag 383 5906 Hohen Fels Hamer B Quarter Master Sergeant 1986704 Royal Engineers
WW2 17A 155231 Kaisersteinbruck bei Bruck (Leitha) Hamer A.E. Guardsman 2622027 Grenadier Guards
WW2 Stalag 4F 259693 Hartmansdorf Chemnitz Hamer J. L/Cpl 2659501 Coldstream Guards
WW2 344 17567 Lamsdorf Hamer J. Company Sergeant Major 2692706 Scots Guards
WW2 Stalag 20B 9651 Marienburg Hamer Harold Henry Guardsman 2734751 Welsh Guards
WW2 344 12752

Hamer J.  Fus. 3445342 Lan.F.
WW2 18A 9559 Wolfsberg (Karnten) Hamer J.  Private 3715428 Kings Own Royal Rgt.
WW2 4F 250245

Hamer R.H. Private 4131102 Ches.
WW2 Stalag 4C 262247 Wistritz bei Teplitz Hamer G. H. Private 4466766 Durham Light Infantry
WW2 11B 139227

Hamer A.E. Sgm 5248250 R.Sigs
WW2 Stalag 4A 260432 Hohenstein Hamer H.S. Private 6403933 Royal.Sussex
WW2 Stalag 4B 75451 Muhlberg (Elbe) Hamer M.P. Private 6921343 Army Air Corps.
WW2 Stalag 18A 2496 Wolfsberg (Karnten) Hamer G. Private 7616907 Royal Army Ordnance.Corps
WW2 Stalag 20B 11967 Marienburg Hamer W. Private 13014912 Pioneer Corps
WW2 Stalag 8C 82261 Kunau Kz Sprottau/Sagan Hamer K. Private 14417255 Black Watch

Saturday, 28 March 2015

HAMER convicts to Australia in the nineteenth century.

Between 1788 and 1868, approximately 165,000 convicts were transported to the various Australian penal colonies by the British government. Among them were a number of HAMERs. After their prison terms were served most stayed in Australia and joined the other settlers, with some rising to respected positions in Australian society. There are only 11 bearing the Hamer name that I have found on 2 web-sites - Convict Records of Australia and British Convict Transportation Registers Database (State Library of Queensland)
Virtually all are convicted in Lancashire, 2 in York and one in Radnor, Mid Wales.

Name Gender Birth Crime Occupation Date of Death Convicted at: Sentence Ship Departure Date Arrival Date Place of Arrival Notes

Joseph HAMER M
Rape Dyer
Chester Assizes Life David Malcolm 13 May 1845 25 Aug 1845 Van Diemen’s Land and Norfolk Island Joseph raped a 20 yr old woman and was prosecuted by her father

Sidney HAMER M

York. West Riding Quarter Sessions 7 years Hooghley 25 Jul 1834 18 Nov 1834 New South Wales


Lancaster Quarter Session
14 years
Lady Harewood
24 Mar 1829
28 Jul 1829
Van Diemen’s Land

Thomas HAMER

Lancaster Assizes
27 May 1837
8 Oct 1837
Van Diemen’s Land


Lancaster Quarter Session
14 years
22 May 1829
13 Sep 1829
New South Wales


Radnor Quarter Session
7 years
James Pattison
10 Jul 1837
25 Oct 1837
New South Wales


Lancaster Quarter Session
10 years
19 Mar 1840
14 Jul 1840
New South Wales

8 Nov 1811

1854 Parramatta, NSW
Lancaster Quarter Sessions
14 years
Roslin Castle
17 Feb 1830
29 Jun 1830
New South Wales
Abt 1832 Assigned to Rev J Vincent
Ticket of Leave 2/10/1837; cancelled in 2/6/1838.
Ticket of Leave 17/12/1843; cancelled 7/6/1843.
Conditional Pardon 7/2/1844.
Had a child with John Turner per "Mariner"; Isabella b: 11/9/1843

Henry HAMER 
Uttering forged notes
York Assizes
10 years
28 Apr 1843
28 Aug 1843
Van Diemen’s Land


Lancaster Quarter Session, Bolton Boro
7 years
Emerald Isle
28 Jun 1843
9 Oct 1843
Van Diemen’s Land

Thomas HAMER

Lancaster Quarter Session
14 years
William Glen Anderson
31 May 1831
1 Nov 1831
Van Diemen’s Land