Friday, 12 February 2016

George Hamer from the USA kindly sent me this copy of an advert for Hamer's Perfect Washer - invented by Harry R Hamer from North Adams, Massachusetts.

George's ancestors emigrated from Newtown in Wales to Massachusetts in 1855 and went to work in the mills at Blackinton near North Adams. George is rightly proud of the fact that one of the Hamers became mayor and another invented this washing machine in 1887. I'm proud too!


  1. Hi! I am of Hamer ancestry. The portion that settled the USA. My grandfather traced our family tree and went to visit some of the family when he was in England. He passed away 3 years ago so I am unable to ask him where to find out family. I will be in Oxford for 2 weeks and London for 1 week and wanted to know how I could find any of my British family members. My grandfathers name was David White and one of his ancestors was John White who made the first attempt to settle the colonies. He traced the family tree and found the Hamer family in England. I am also looking and trying to find the family and the vast amount of information is overwhelming! Jamie

  2. The article you posted is fantastic! Gives me something else to brag about! ;-)